CBD oil side effects

If you’re using CBD from organically grown hemp (i.e., without pesticides, insecticides and GMO-free), side effects tend to be few and far between. Notwithstanding, some people may experience some mild side effects that may include:

  1. Tiredness, Drowsiness or Feeling Sleepy

    For most users, CBD makes them feel more alert and energetic. However, in very high doses of 300 mg or more, some people report feelings of drowsiness and sleepiness. In the event of these side effects, it is best to not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery. It is also recommended to reduce dosage to a point where the side effects subside.

  2. Dry Mouth

    Because CBD interacts with the ECS, which also have receptors in the salivary glands, inhibiting secretion some people may experience a dry mouth. Easy to remedy, drinking a glass of water or herbal tea should relieve this side effect.

  3. Changes in Appetite & Weight

    CBD has the potential to regulate glucose levels in the body, that may in some people cause changes in their appetite and/or weight. If this is the case, micro dosing, or a slow release CBD product like a gel cap should counteract this side effect. It is also recommended to ingest CBD with, or directly after, a meal to help buffer its effect on blood sugar.

  4. Dizziness or Lightheadedness

    Although rare, some people can feel dizzy or lightheaded that may be caused due by CBD’s ability to lower blood pressure. This can be a potentially serious side effect, and if it occurs, a medical practitioner should be consulted, especially if already suffering from blood pressure issues, or taking blood pressure medications.

  5. Digestive Changes & Diarrhoea

    One of a group of commonly experienced side effects reported by CBD users is a change in their digestive function, most often resulting in diarrhoea. To counter these side effects, the first thing to do is reduce dosage, or try using a product with a different cannabinoid profile, as the other cannabinoids might counteract this side effect. If these side effects persist, it is recommended to check up with a health care practitioner to ensure there are no other underlying causes.